About Gallery Bobbin

Welcome to Gallery Bobbin, a small and intimate place in the vast online universe.

Gallery Bobbin is part of the ever developing personal journey of Maria Hatling, whose creative career started as early as five years old when she learnt to knit and crochet. As a teenager Maria used to make her own cloths as a result of growing up in a small town in Norway far removed from any fashion capital and lack of access to interesting things to wear. This love for making, drawing, painting and expressing herself continues in her grown up life and Gallery Bobbin is the place where you can view and purchase the outcome of hers and likeminded peoples creativity.

Maria Hatling was born in South Korea and adopted to Norway where she lived until her early twenties before she move to the UK to study and work. Everything she makes is linked to her identity and in grownup life she treasures the fact that her visual language and work is informed by many sources. Her preference for bold clean graphics and mark making is surly flavoured by her childhood spent roaming free outside in Scandinavia.

As an artist and designer Maria is interested in exploring how her visual language evolves with time. Having soon lived in the UK as long as in Norway she uses her work to explore how this first hand knowledge of a different culture affects her identity. Maria’s first premium scarf collection was entitled 'The Key To Happiness' an ongoing theme in her work over three years, whilst working out her own key to happiness that she describes as to simply being able to carry on creating and exploring without sacrificing family, friends or relationships on the road to creative fulfilment.

The outcome of this working title has resulted in a series of original paintings and prints followed by a scarf collection available to view and purchase from Gallery Bobbin.

All Maria’s products are made with love in the UK. As a UK resident it is very important for Maria that all her products are made as local as possible, ideally in London where she lives and work if possible.

Maria’s second scarf collection 'My London' a love letter to and inspiered by the city she has been happy to call home for more than twelve years is finally here. Every month a new scarf from this working title is released and you can discover the story behind each new artwork and scarf by our journal.

Maria also works as an illustrator. To view her illustration portfolio visit